Jan 22, 2020

Security Analyst – Blue Team

Security Analyst – Blue Team is part of our Information Security Department who is responsible for cyber attacks. On a daily basis, our Blue Team will continuously detect, analyze, investigate and prevent any security incidents. Blue team member must able to understand each of development’s phases in order to pre-screening the potential threat and weakneses before release to the public. In addition, the incumbent must have a passion for learning and proactively develop themselves within the ever-growing startup company like FinAccel.

Last but not least, this incumbent will collaborate with the pentester (red team) in developing strategies to minimize security risks in infrastructure or/and applications owned by FinAccel.

Job Responsibility:

  • Able to identify and analyze threat (both on infrastructure and application).
  • Able to detect, analyze, and investigate security incidents.
  • Determine the requirements needed to build security monitoring tools.
  • Able to understand each of development’s phases in order to pre-screening the potential threat and weaknesses before release to the public.


  • Experience working in security for red team or blue team for at least 2 years, most favorably in startup working environment.
  • Have experience in software development.
  • Have knowledge of penetration testing on application (both on mobile and web), network, and infrastructure.
  • Able to understand secure code analysis process or having experience in static code analysis and able to use the tools ( sonarqube, cherckmark, veracode, etc.)
  • Have experience in implementing and operating commonly used security monitoring tools such as for example one of: Cloudflare, Elastic, CloudTrail, AlienVault USM, and InsightIDR (Rapid7).
  • Having experience in building security services in complex environmental systems (automation).
  • Have experience in C Language or Python or Java.
  • Good English proficiency
  • Able to work in a team and fast learning.