Oct 5, 2020

Financial Planning & Analysis Manager

FinAccel is looking for a Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) Manager to play a key role in the Finance department. We are experiencing rapid growth, and this senior position will work with the VP Finance and CFO as well as Finance team to enhance and build the Budgeting, Analysis, and Reporting function of Finaccel. This role will be dedicated to helping our stakeholders make well-informed decisions based on Company financial analysis and performance.

Job Description:

  • Lead and prepare any KYC or supporting documents asked by banks
  • Assist in Cash Management for all bank balances (inc own and lender money) in terms of dealing with bank PiC, prepare any forms needed for Time Deposit, Investment, etc
  • Monitor hedging needed for regulatory (BI) and arrange this hedging deals/qoutations with our bank partners / consultants
  • Prepare weekly report for FX and Investment related updates (as per prepared by any investment companies)
  • Prepare daily/weekly CF reports
  • Assist in budgeting preparation
  • – Monthly Cost controlling (actual vs plan, key driver analysis, etc)
  • – Check and monitor accrual and provisions
  • – Prepare business improvement plan to reduce cost or improve process performance”
  • Assist closing team for any hedging transaction, IT cap journal, consultant fees, etc that need to be booked during this month
  • Prepare internal management reporting (FPA) and liaise to other dept to get required data for FPA completion
  • Prepare reporting for extenal stakeholders (Regulator, Investor, Lender)
  • Prepare financial analysis as needed, in particular for pricing decisions and contract negotiation
  • Prepare any adhoc reports
  • Prepare insurer requests (D&O, medical, etc)

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Have previous experience in controlling (internal audit, business process specialist) and project management (project manager) minimal 2 years
  • Minimum 2 year of experience in corporate level as assistant manager
  • Candidate has “can do” and “problem solver” attitude
  • Candidate has intermediate knowledge related to reporting (both in Management and AFS), Treasury (forex/investment), controlling (internal audit, business process improvement) and system migration
  • Fluency in English both spoken and written