Accelerating Fintech Innovation

FinAccel is a financial technology company creating disruptive and meaningful products in retail credit for Southeast Asia, the 7th largest economy in the world and home to nearly 10% of the world's population. With an all star team of investors, founders and employees, FinAccel is currently focused on disruption in the unsecured lending space.

Our Principles


We obsess over simplicity and minimalism. We want to build products that are so easy to use that users love them.


The financial industry thrives on hidden charges and complex fee structures. We're here to change that through simple, transparent and honest pricing.


Credit, when used responsibly, is a force for good. We're on a mission to bring access to credit to a large number of people.

Our Products


Kredivo gives ecommerce shoppers instant credit financing based on real-time decisioning. Buy now and pay later without any interest or fees. For ecommerce merchants, Kredivo enables instant Point of Sale (PoS) financing with a unique 2-click purchase option that makes buying a joy!

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Our Management Team

Alie Tan

Akshay Garg

CEO, Co-founder

Alie Tan

Umang Rustagi

COO, Co-founder

Alie Tan

Alie Tan

Head of Product Engineering, Co-founder

Our Investors and Advisors

Jungle Ventures
GMO Venture Partners
500 Startups
Alpha JWC Ventures
Honey Mittal

Product Advisor

Nick Jachowski

Data Science